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Title: Their story
Fandom: Desperate Housewives
Pairings: Andrew/Justin
Rating: NC-17
Chapter: 1 - Underneath the water
Word Count: about 1700 (long one)
Disclaimer: I don't own Desperate Housewives, but wish I would. I don’t make any money with this.
Summary: The whole story starts with the missing scene from episode 1.15 “Impossible”

Thanks to ufohelena for the correct

Gabrielle said to me: „Definitely gay“ and I didn’t know what I should think. Am I really a gay, are my feelings towards Andrew what makes me gay? Do I love him, or am I just curious? The fact that I still was a virgin didn’t make the situation easier. I hadn’t slept with either a girl or a boy.
Everything I knew that afternoon before the party at Zach’s place was, that I wanted to be sure right then. I wanted to know my feelings for Andrew. He’d called me a few days before I’d told Gabrielle I might be gay, he’d thought we should go there, even though we didn’t have an invitation. I thought it could be fun to hang out at a weird place like the Young’s house. But after the incident with Gabrielle my motives had changed. Now I had to found out if I really was gay or not. Well, I could sleep with Gabrielle to realize the truth, but I could also sleep with a boy for the same reason.
The party was nice, even though Andrew was a little asshole, as usually. I spent most of the time with him, I also talked a little bit with John and shared a joint with some guys. After a few hours there were only me and Andrew left at the Young’s house. I thought that this was the right time to make my plan became reality. “Wanna swim?” I asked a little bit shy. “Yeah, but not in the damn swimwear! Ok?” Andrew replayed and for a second I thought that maybe I wasn’t the one with the plan.
Before I could answer his shirt was on a chair. “So, what are you waiting for?” was the next question Andrew was asking. “I don’t know, don’t you think we’ll get caught?” “That makes it even more interesting.” With a single move his yellow swimwear was down and I saw him in all his beauty. I felt blood pumping into my cock and I was afraid that Andrew would see that. “Give me a moment” I said and thought about the ugliest girl I’d ever seen. Andrew was already in the pool when I begun to take my clothes off. “You have a nice body” Andrew said as he saw me naked. “You think so?” I asked before I realized that I could just as well be asking him if he’s gay. But Andrew stayed cool: “Yeah, I definitely think so!”
I jumped into the water and swam his way. “Let’s make a race” Andrew said. “The one who loose has to do whatever to other wants.” “Don’t you think that’s unfair? I mean you’re in the swim team, all I can do is to play basketball.” I quickly replied. “Are you afraid you have to do something very weird?” To tell the truth I was afraid he would win and let me run naked down Wisteria Lane. “Come on, it’s not gonna be that weird” he calmed me down. “I take that as a promise!”
Slowly we swam to the end of the pool. “Ready when you are.” Then he just said “Go” and we started. Of course he won and now I had to do something that he wanted. “So Mister swim team what is the punishment for the looser?” I asked. “Well, let me think about it.” “Hmm, I already saw you naked, what could be the next.” “Have you ever kissed a boy?” His question caused my face turning red and another part of my body became a shot of blood. I didn’t exactly know what to say. “No I haven’t.” “Would you like to try it?” he asked with a smirk on his face. I thought I might now look as red as a ripe tomato.
Now it was definitely: He was the one with the plan. I was nervous. “Come over here” and I promptly swam his way fascinated over how this boy could take the control over me. “Now do it!” and I kissed him on the lips. “What was that? I kiss my mother like this and you know she isn’t my favorite person.” he stated. “I show you how to do it” he said grabbing my neck. First he looked deep into my eyes and I became red again. “You need to relax” we whispered in my ear and I did. Slowly he moved his lips to mine a kissed me softly. With my eyes closed I felt he was licking my lips and I knew I had to let him in my mouth. The kiss was so slow, deep and I felt my cock growing again. It touched Andrew’s skin and a satisfied sigh came out of my mouth. I pulled away a little bit.
“You liked that, right?” he asked, his hand still on my neck. Shyly I nodded. “You wanna move on to the second lesson?” Andrew’s next question was. God, I was so turned on and I didn’t want to let this boy go anywhere. A simple “Huh?” came out of my mouth. “Well we can stop right now, if you want to, or…” “Or what?” I quickly asked excited. “Or we’ll make it a little bit more interesting.” “Your choice” he said before he started to swim in the pool.
I felt like a little kid, like a toy in his hands. He could do everything with me, I would say “Yes absolutely!” I remembered our first kiss and there was no doubt anymore. “I would like to go on with the experiment” I tried to sound experienced. He promptly swam my way. Putting a hand at the back of my neck he asked “Are you sure?” I nodded and we kissed again.
With the left hand on my shoulder he started to move his other hand down my chest. He played with my nipples, later with my navel and then he started to play with the hair in my crotch. I felt like in heaven, rock hard and totally happy. I loved what was happening to me, feeling like I was falling down from the sky.
Then finally the moment came and he took my uncut cock in his hand. We were still in a deep kiss. He started to play with my foreskin first. As I saw, he was cut, so he was very curious about it. Slowly he stretched it and then touched the head of my cock. Holding it hard in his hand he started moving up and down, like he would exactly know how to maximize my lust. I looked at him and his smirk what signalized that he’s enjoying his job. Then he kissed me again and took some bites of my lips. Only a few seconds later I came hard and I felt that I was really shooting trough the water. Moaning fast I relaxed my head on his shoulder.
It took some time to make me ready to say something. But I didn’t know what. “I think now’s the time for my turn” I said finally. Andrew just nodded and we started to kiss again. I knew I had to make something special to make this boy feel like I felt before. Holding him tight around his waist with my left hand I first made same circles around his back. “Go down” he said quietly in my ear before he licked it. I obeyed. Slowly I moved my hand down enjoying every inch of his body. “Don’t be so fucking diffident” Andrew stated taking my hand to his asshole. I was really surprised by his action but decided to take my chance put a finger into him. There wasn’t a need to use any lube. The water was doing its job well. His sighs were great and caused that I quickly got an erection again.
Putting his legs around mine he pressed our bodies together. Another great feeling came as I felt his balls pressed against mine. He took his and my cock into his hand and started to jerk off us both. Even with a finger in Andrew’s ass I guess, that he was the one who was top. Feeling that his ready I putted another finger in his entering and increased the tempo. Now we didn’t kiss we just stared in each others eyes and enjoyed the pleasure.
We both were near to our orgasm, kissing passionately at the far end of the pool as someone yelled "Julie Alexandra Mayer!” We ducked under the water, but it didn’t help. As I’d told Andrew before - we were caught: by Julie’s mom. She quickly realized that this wasn’t her daughter in the pool and left.
We weren’t in the mood to make out again. We were quite, no one said a word. That silence was horrible. Quickly he jumped of the pool. I took the last chance to see him naked and saw that his crotch was still full of my cum. He didn’t even care and put his swimwear back on.
We shared a last look at each other, before he said “I’ll call you” and left. Now I was alone in the whole house and decided that I had to go home.
Lying on my bed I thought about the things that happened. I had no doubts that I was gay. But it was ridiculous. I didn’t know if I had to try to change, to take some Christian help or just let things happen and accept myself as I am. I thought about the future, about Andrew. Would he call me, as he promised? Was the whole thing that had happened just an experiment for him or was it something real? I mean it’s him, you can hardly figure out what he’s thinking, why he’s doing things like this one.
Standing up from the bed I decided to make something to avoid my thoughts. I went to the kitchen, opened the fridge and saw a half full bottle of scotch someone had left from a party at our place. My only idea was to drink it as soon as possible. A half hour later I was drunk and finally prepared go to bed.
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