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Fic: Little Miss Perfect

TItle: Little Miss Perfect
Fandom: Desperate Housewives
Author: Femvamp
Disclaimer: Desperate Housewives belongs to Mark Cherry and other people who are not me. No Infringement intended.
Spoilers: Lets just say everything up until Season 8: What's the Good of Being Good
Authors Note: This story is about Bree and how Little Miss Perfect isn’t so perfect after all.

Everyone who knew her would tell you the same things. How she was a classy lady. How she was quite possible;y the most responsible person you would ever meet. The first person who would volunteer for a church charity event and the last person to leave a friend’s dinner party because she would insist on helping clean up.

That was who Bree was. Little Miss Perfect. She gave everything she had to her family. Maybe she was a little strict, a little rigid but she meant right by them. She loved her family that was something that was never questioned not by anyone who new her.

She had been taught early on to smile. To never let anyone see her true emotions. That was the best way to go through life. Be the perfect wife; be the perfect mother. It was all she ever really wanted. Then her marriage had gone bad and her husband Rex had died and suddenly things for Bree began to shift. The cracks in the walls of her life that she had always painted over began to become more noticeable.

She began to notice the things that she had missed.

The fact that her husband had died believing she had killed him.

The fact that her children weren’t just angry at her but outright hated her.

The fact that those few glasses of wine had turned into a full blown drinking problem.

She told everyone that she was alright. That things were fine she had even moved on to a new man. Orson was a fine man and she even grew to love him.

On paper he was perfect.

Mr. Perfect for Little Miss Perfect.

They should have made the perfect pair.

But like everything else in Bree’s life it began to fall apart so quickly. How could she have gotten it so wrong? Everything crashed down around her when things ended with him and she was alone again. He had gone to prison and she had gone back to drinking and that's when the new career had started. The perfect career for Little Miss Perfect.

Orson eventually came back into her life and they were happy for awhile and then things turned bad as quickly as they were good. There was the affair with Karl for awhile. Then Karl died and Orson was paralyzed and back in her life but even that only lasted for a short while.

But in the end it always came back to Rex.

Bree kept thinking about life with him had been so perfect. She had been happy then, When they were first married they had both been so happy. She remembered how everything had been so perfect.

How could things have gone so wrong?

Then One night during a party she had helped a friend kill a man.,,well more like disposed of a body but it was all the same thing. Her friends hated her now. They blamed her for making things so complicated. Maybe it was her fault. She was the one who was supposed to be in control. She was the one who was supposed to be perfect. Little Miss Perfect.

She wasn’t supposed to go to bars every night getting drunk and picking up random strangers to take home.

Little Miss Perfect wasn’t so perfect after all.

Not that she cared anyway.

Not anymore.

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