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Desperate Housewives Fan Fiction

The Secrets of Wisteria Lane
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Welcome to the first community dedicated to Desperate Housewives fan fiction!

No place to post your Desperate Housewives fan fiction? Nobody to give you feedback? Maybe you just want to share your ideas for the housewives (and husbands) on Wisteria Lane? Whatever the case, post your fic with abandon!

All genres of fic involving the characters of Desperate Housewives are welcome!

This community is very new (and its creator very green :blush:), so please feel free to join whether you write the fic or just like to read the fic.

When posting a fic, please include the following:

Rating: <---please include pertinent warnings, such as character death or anything comparably disturbing
Characters/Pairings: <---unless it's a surprise - also indicate if slash or het if applicable
Disclaimer: <---I'm assuming that's needed for legal reasons, if anyone knows otherwise please let me know :)

Also, please put the body of you fic under an LJ cut. For directions on making lj cuts, please read t h i s.

Monthly Challenge Guidelines:

1. The type of challenge will probably change from month to month - a picture, a phrase, song titles, etc.

2. If two items are given, please try to include both in your fic.

3. If your muse is sufficiently awakened by the challenge for you to put pen to paper (or finger(s) to keyboard), please post your fic as a new post and not as a comment to the challenge post. That may be obvious, but I just thought I'd mention it.

4. Please start your post off as described above (Title, Author, etc).

5. Place the body of your fic behind an lj cut.